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Wynward Valley Organic Garden Bistro

Davao’s #1 Organic Vegetable Garden and Bistro is now ready to serve you!

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CHEF RODELIO CARMELO F. DALISAY,  a full fledged Dabaweno, earned his doctorate degree in Plant Pathology with cognates in Plant Biochemistry and Plant Breeding at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky, USA.

To make ends meet as a research assistant, he worked as a kitchen helper, eventually as chef of Nagasaki Inn Restaurant, Lexington, Kentucky offering authentic Japanese cuisines. He later was promoted to a managerial position handling both restaurants in Lexington, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana, 1987 until 1996.  In 1997, he was hired as chef of Railheads at the Depot, Versailles, Kentucky serving Southwestern, American and Italian cuisines.  With the advent of clean healthy lifestyles in the US, the restaurant was forced to include healthy yet nutritious meals in their menus.  Chef Rodel Dalisay was tasked to create these healthy meals as he was sent to various short culinary courses specializing in this field.  When he came back to Davao City in 2006, he found that the city was not abreast with the trend of green and sustainable living.

To create public awareness, Chef Rodel started implementing urban organic vegetable gardening as a means of green and sustainable living. Wynward Garden Bistro was established in 2013  to further this cause by creating healthy meals from naturally grown vegetables harvested from one’s own backyard. Serving meals that natural and organic in line with the Paleo and Primal philosophy’s, with vegan and vegetarian options.

The Source Matters

Wynward Garden Bistro is proud to support  the growing trend of Filipinos wanting to have a healthy lifestyle, more are being selective in eating healthy food by preferring naturally or organically grown.

The organic vegetables and herbs, all devoid of synthetics (chemical fertilizers and pesticides)  are grown right at the garden of Wynward Garden Bistro.  Some vegetables and ingredients are sourced from Marilog High School of Agriculture , aTESDA NC II accredited school in Organic Agriculture located in Datu Salumay, Davao City.

To assure that vegetables and herbs are organically grown, Wynward Garden Bistro assists in its implementation following strict standards of growing them. As part of the school’s curriculum, students learn how to prepare organic fertilizers and pesticides hands on.  Likewise, students are given ample hours in the field to apply various methods of organic farming.

Our Food Our Passion

Wynward Garden Bistro believes in better quality of food by using organic ingredients (vegetables, herbs, fish and livestock products). The garden bistro also  makes use of local naturally grown vegetables such as kangkong, kulitis, malunggay,sweet potato tops, etc. in preparing healthy dishes.  Being  a natural farmer and owner of Wynward Garden Bistro,  I demand quality of vegetables grown for my dishes.  As a chef who promotes sustainable green living, I always have the passion that these organically grown vegetables are prepared maximizing its nutritional and health benefits.

Clean and green living is the real healthy lifestyle. Why? Although you stay fit and healthy but you eat ordinary store bought food, do you think what your eating is safe? Conventionally grown vegetables and herbs contain synthetic chemicals that are harmful to your health.


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Back of Abreeza Mall Property inside Regina Dalisay Compound, Bajada, Davao City

You can contact us at 0917 323 3619.

Store hours 10 am until 9 pm daily